Friday, June 26, 2009

Save Me

Hello to my dear reader friends:

Now today I'm going to tell you about cats and kittens, cause humans kind of think cats and dogs are suppose to be pets, so we are kind of alike to some humans. Now some humans just like dogs, some humans just like cats, and some humans like us all.

Now I don't much care for sharing my Mom with cats, but I sure do have a ton of cat cousins. I'm not mean to cats, I'm just jealous when those finicky little furballs want to sit in my Mom's lap, cause that's my lap.

But you see, the thing is, this is what you call kitty season. That means lots of cats have lots and lots of kittens. And well, there just ain't enough humans to go around for all these cats to have a home. And it makes me sad.

Last week a meany human dumped a mama cat and her new four baby kittens on my neighbor's street. Then the next day some more kittens was found without their mama on the same street. Well, me and my Mom was trying to find them families cause they didn't have no place to live and nobody was giving them no food. Before we could get them rescued, some humans broke the law and let their rowdy dogs run out and do you know them dogs killed everyone of those precious baby kitties and their mama. Now that just ain't right, I tell you. It just ain't right.

I don't know why there has to be bad humans in this world who would just throw away cute little kittens. And some humans throw away puppies too.

So I got to educate you humans so we don't suffer. If you have a cat or a dog already, well you need to get them fixed if you can't take care of their babies for their whole life, cause if the babies don't find a forever home real quick, terrible things happen to them.

I don't rightly know why humans just let us have babies if they are just gonna throw us away or put a cardboard sign in the driveway saying free kittens or free puppies. It just ain't a responsible thing to do, and lots of pets have to die or get killed cause humans just don't think about the consequences or don't put much value on our lives.

As much as all humans complain about paying taxes, why do some humans want to throw out kittens and puppies on the street and then pay taxes to have a shelter. It just don't make no sense does it. Heck, taxes costs you a lot more money than fixing your dog or cat, and taxes go on forever. You just gotta fix your pet one time, and you can get a really good discount to get it done. Why it don't even cost as much as taking your family to a restaurant for one dinner.

So if humans were as smart as us cats and dogs, and if humans could learn to be responsible like us cats and dogs, well then we wouldn't have no problems, no taxes for shelters, and I wouldn't have to be sad to see all my baby friends killed.

Now you see, when I was just a little bitty baby, a mean old man was gonna shoot me, but I was rescued by my Mom. I know I'm a lucky girl, but ain't it sad that luck is the only reason I'm here today to write to all my reader friends. Just think of all those baby kittens and puppies who don't get lucky and never got a chance to live. Nope, they was just born to die cause some humans just ain't got no brains.

So if you like reading my stories, or if you wish you had a pet as smart as me, then you got to help me educate humans who don't got no brains about how to take care of us. We don't need to be having no babies if you won't see that our babies have a home before we get borned. There's lots more cats and dogs than humans, so their ain't enough families to go around. And don't everybody complain when they see cats and dogs in their yard that ain't got no home. Well only you can fix it.

A mama and her four babies was killed this week. They was killed cause somebody threw them away. They was killed because some humans didn't obey the leash law. And look at what a mess we got here now, just a great big old sad mess. And it ain't just in my backyard. Nope, it happens all over the world everyday.

So if you want to do just one act of kindness, get your pets fixed and tell your neighbors to do the same thing. Just tell them Miss Roxie Rottweiler said so.

Now how do you suppose I can even think about enjoying a nice big bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream when I got to be surrounded by so much sadness cause some humans ain't got no brains. We just got to fix this problem together.

Have A Blue Bell Day, Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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