Friday, June 26, 2009

Miss Roxie Got Sick

Hello to my dear reader friends, and a special hello to my new twitter friends.

Yep, you can find me on twitter, and if you want to be my friend, just look up Roxie Rottweiler and there I am. Humans say you can't never have too many friends, so I reckon I'll take all the friends I can get. Course even friendly dogs like me, well we're pretty much known for being faithful to our humans. Now lots of humans seem to have lots of trouble being faithful to other humans. I ain't figured out why humans got to be so fickle, but as for me, well I'm not fickle, even when I get myself in a pickle. I made a funny.

This week I got myself two new cousins. Ben got himself a puppy named Hunter. Now Uncle David said Hunter is a tall drink a water, only Hunter don't look like any bowl a water I ever saw. Hunter's tall and skinny alright, but he's got mighty big paws, and when he grows up he's gonna be a giant. I'm not rightly sure, but I think he might be a lab or he might be a hound dog. He's only 7 months old and he's already taller than me and weights pretty near much as me. I got to be careful about sharing my Blue Bell Ice Cream with Hunter, cause if he gets too big, well that ain't good. Did you know the bigger a dog gets the shorter they live. Don't know why that is, but it is. So we might have to just let Hunter have Blue Bell on birthdays, so's he don't get to be a giant.

Then I got myself another cousin named Mikala. Now Mikala was suppose to be my sister, but Aunt Sandra thought Mikala was just about the prettiest little girl she ever did see and my cousin Jonathan needed a buddy, cause Jonathan keeps getting lost in the woods, and heck, he's such a little bitty dog with the shortest legs, he can't see above the grass to find his way back home. Besides, poor ole Jonathan has to live with 13 cats, 12 birds and a turtle, so I figure Jonathan needs a dog buddy real bad, otherwise them cats and birds just might drive him plum off the deep end. You see, Mama was going to the drugstore to get Megan's medicine and she had to stop cause this pretty little girl was standing in the middle of the road lost with no place to go. Well Mama didn't want her to get hit by a car, so Mama just put her in the backseat. And when Mama brought her home, well she just pranced in the house, made herself a bed and went to sleep. Yes sirree, she just walked in the door and made herself right at home like she already lived here. We liked her so much, we named her Mikala and decided she wouldn't be lost no more, cause she found herself a forever home. She is a right smart dog, almost smart as me. Why the first morning Jonathan ran into the woods and got lost again, so Miss Amy told Mikala to go get Jonathan, and Mikala went racing out the door and brought Jonathan home. Now that's pretty amazing for a dog we just met that don't know nobody. Heck, she don't even know her own name yet. Wait till she finds out how really lucky she is she got found by my Mom. Why she ain't got to go to a Blue Bell party yet, but we'll we having a party real soon, cause Miss Amy is about to have a birthday. You just can't even have a birthday if you don't have Blue Bell Ice Cream, so I reckon Mikala will get her first taste of Blue Bell at Miss Amy's birthday party. Now Mikala is a little bitty dog too and she ain't got big paws, so she ain't gonna get to be big, so I reckon she could have some of Hunter's share of the Blue Bell. Course since she's a girl like me, well, we do have to watch our figures. You can't never be too pretty, but sometimes you can eat too much Blue Bell it's just so dog gone good. Just cause I love Blue Bell, don't mean I want to look like a stuffed turkey.

Now as for me, well I been a mighty sick girl this week. I had to go to the emergency room and the vet said I got sick from tick bites. I'd bite those nasty little bugs back, only that would make me even sicker, so I just let my Mama squash em when she finds em. Sometimes granddaddy throws em in the fire. Mama's been forcing these yucky pills down my throat and says I got to get well. Why I got so sick I couldn't eat and I couldn't walk, and I had a few accidents too. And Aunt Terri had to give me something called a subcatanous injection so I wouldn't dry up. I didn't know I could dry up. Did you ever hear of dogs drying up? Well they said I got to have lots of fluids so's I could get well. I'm getting better now. Since I'm such a spoiled little girl, Mama baked me rosemary chicken everyday just so's I would feel like eating and get better. Aunt Terri had to come give me shots and stuff. It wasn't no fun at all. Mama tried hiding them big ole pills in some Blue Bell, but I was too smart for that. I let the Blue Bell melt a bit so's I could lap it up without them pills. Mama stuck the pills down my throat anyway. Anyway, I'm better now and Mama's done declared war on them ticks, and if I know my Mama, there won't be no more ticks within a hundred yards of me again. Mama got so upset when I first got sick, she was scared I wouldn't get well. She said them ticks has got to go. But I'm better now. And I think the rosemary chicken and Blue Bell is what made me well and not them big ole pills. Now if I can just get Mom to figure that out and quit making me take them yucky pills.

So for all my doggie friends, tell your moms not to let you get no tick bites. Some of them nasty ticks can bite you and fix it so you can't never walk again and it breaks your muscles and makes you drag your legs. To be so little, they sure do have a mean bite. And to think some humans are silly enough to think rottweilers are bad. Heck fire, we're just gentle giants. It's them little ticks that's the real danger. You know they can make humans mighty sick too. So stay away from them ticks, and if you see one, just squash it quick till it's dead, dead, dead, and throw that little bugger in the trash.

And iffen you want to send me a get well card, or a get well present of Blue Bell, I wouldn't mind.

Have a Blue Bell Day, Love Miss Roxie

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