Friday, June 26, 2009

Roxie Nomics,

Hello to my dear reader friends:

Today I'm going to write about economics. Now you see economics means how folks spend their money. Well everybody's got their own ideas bout how they want to spend their money, so we got lots a kind of economics. We got Obamanomics, Roxienomics, Gastronomics and BlueBellnomics, just to name a few.

Now Obamanomics is pretty much how everybody is told to spend their money cause that's Uncle Sam's money, and we all know Uncle Sam takes everybody's money. You see, if you got yourself a company and you waste all your money, and then you waste everybody's else's money too and then you done got broke, well that's when you need Obamanomics. You just tell Uncle Sam you done wasted everybody's money and you need lots more of other people's money so's you can waste it too. And do you know that Uncle Sam is gonna give you a gazillion dollars just cause you done said you don't know how to spend money, and well, he's gonna give you a gazillion dollars so's you can learn how to spend money. Heck, it don't matter how much money you waste on Obamanomics, cause you all got to pay Uncle Sam anyway, so he's gonna get his money back, and it don't much matter if you don't owe the money or not. Somebody owes the money, so Obamanomics is you just pay the bill and it don't much matter who got the money or how it was spent. Even iffen you don't owe it, you still got to pay it back. That's what you call taxes.

Now Uncle Sam and his new Obamanomics says if you don't pay the money back, well you still got to pay taxes, but Uncle Sam's gonna own your business too. And now Uncle Sam ain't just wasting money to raise taxes, Uncle Sam's gonna take that business right away from you, cause he thinks he can run it better then you can. Well I reckon that might be true. Cause you see Uncle Sam just got himself a car company with them Obamanomics, so I reckon Uncle Sam is gonna be a car salesman too. Now if you are a car salesman, well you got to be a purty good zaggerator and stretch the truth a little bit to make peoples want to give you all their money. And you got to convince peoples their gettin a really good deal. Well seems to me Uncle Sam is a purty good zaggerator himself, so I reckon he's gonna make a good car salesman.. Cause he's got everybody believing Obamanomics is just about the best way to spend your money. And that's what you call Obamanomics.

Now, as for me, well I'm a thinking dog, so I got my own Roxienomics. Now Roxienomics is what my granddaddy calls just good ole fashion common sense. If you ain't got it you don't spend it, and if you got it, you get right smart about spending what you got and saving a little bit so's Uncle Sam don't get all your money. Now ain't that a whole easier than Obamanomics. All you need is a little bit a common sense. Course granddaddy says it must not be so common anymore, cause he don't see lots a people with good common sense. Now under Roxienomics I get my allowance of five dollars a week. Now when I done spent my five dollars, well I can't spend no more money. But I'm a right smart dog and I spend my five dollars on a big bucket of Blue Bell ice cream. Now see, that's what you call common sense. Cause heck, a big ole bucket's gonna last me all week long, and still have some to share with my friends. And I don't even have to spend my whole five dollars cause I got me a one dollar Blue Bell coupon at the Blue Bell website cause I'm a Blue Bell Buddy. Now even if I ain't one to follow Obamanomics, well it don't much matter, cause no matter what store I go to, their gonna make me pay some taxes on my ice cream for Obamanomics.

Then you got your gastronomics. Now gastronomics is about putting good food in your stomach. Cause everybody's got to eat. Heck, even plants and trees got to eat. But you see, iffen you're a human, well you get to eat what you like and what tastes good. Well now if you want to be a right smart gastronomist, well then you got to follow Roxienomics, so's you eat what's good for you, but don't costs lots a money, and it's good for you too. You see you can spend your money on junk food that ain't good for you and costs lots a money. Only iffen you want to be a good gastronomist and you like Roxienomics, well then you just got to use your common sense and be a BlueBellnomist. Cause BlueBellnomics is just about the best of all the nomics there is. It's just good ole fashion common sense, with lots a good nutrition and value, mixed with good ole fashion wholesome Blue Bell ice cream.

Now you see if you practice Roxienomics to delight your gastronomics, then there ain't no choice cept BlueBellnomics. You don't even gotta spend five dollars and you get enough ice cream for 8 big people or 12 little people or about 10 dogs like me. Now you got enough ice cream to have a party with your best friends and you only spent about five dollars. You got the most delicious ice cream in the world and it's good for you too. Cause it's made with rich wholesome milk to make your bones grow and good farm fresh eggs cause you got to have your protein. Then it's got lots of fruits and stuff that's good for you to. Now you won't find no Blue Bell ice cream with broccoli cause that would be yucky. So's your Mom might make you eat some broccoli before you can have your Blue Bell. Broccoli ain't too bad and it's worth eating to get your Blue Bell. Heck, you just about get everything you need in a bowl of Blue Bell cept broccoli. And you only spent about 50 cents a person. Now where else you gonna get a most delicious gastronomic delight for 50 cents. That's what you call good ole fashion common sense. And I got plenty of it.

Now you just invite your friends over and you have yourself a Blue Bell party and you'll be smiling cause you saved lots of money, you got plenty to share and you got the most happy food you could eat. So when you say Obamanomics and it makes your mouth turn sour, well that's when you get yourself a nice cold scoop of Blue Bell cause Blue Bell will help the medicine go down. And I reckon now that Uncle Sam's got himself a car factory and needs to be selling some cars, I reckon if he offered a carton of Blue Bell with every purchase them cars might sell pretty fast. And with Blue Bell, you don't even need to zaggerate cause you only got to have one taste to know ain't nothing better than Blue Bell. It's the best ice cream in the land!

Have a Blue Bell Day, Miss Roxie

Roxie's Blue Bell For Canines Jingle


Blue Bell makes ice cream
The best ice cream in the land
It's not just for humans
But canine friends as well

Try some Rottweiler Rocky Road
or Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone
Pick your dog up a carton
And watch how fast it gets gone!

Blue Bell makes ice cream
The best ice cream in the land
It's not just for humans
But canine friends as well

Pawlicious Peanut Butter
Country Canine Carob too
Pick your dog up a carton
And hope he'll share it with you.

Blue Bell makes ice cream
The best ice cream in the land
It's not just for humans
But canine friends as well

Some Not So Chocolate Lab
or a scoop of Poodle Parfait
Pick your dog up a carton
AND HAVE A BLUE BELL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Roxie Rottweiler

Yes Roxie, There Is Blue Bell Canine Ice Cream

Hello to my dear reader friends:

Today I have some most exciting news to share. Blue Bell IS going to start making me some ice cream for dogs. So now all dogs get to have their own most delicious Blue Bell Ice Cream. Best of all, we can go in the pet stores and pick out our own flavors. Heck, we can have Blue Bell ice cream parties in the pet stores, cause we are welcome in pet stores, even if we ain't welcome in grocery stores. And when we have adoption day at the pet stores for my homeless friends, well every time one of them gets adopted to a forever home, we're gonna give their family a coupon for Blue Bell Canine Ice Cream just so's we can be sure my friends get to the taste the most delicious joy of Blue Bell. Yes Sirree, my dream is coming true. How do you like them apples?
And you know how I know Blue Bell IS going to make all of us some doggie ice cream. Well, you see, Miss Kelli, at the Blue Bell plant, wrote a story about me and put my picture in the Blue Bell paper. And you know how that makes it so? I'm gonna tell you. You see, a long time ago this little girl named Virginia didn't know if there really was a Santa Claus. So she wrote herself a letter to the newspaper. Well that Mr. Editor wrote back to Virginia and said if you see it in the paper well it's got to be so. So I reckon since Blue Bell put doggie ice cream in their paper, well you know it's got to be so. And I just can't wait till I can become the newest Blue Bell taste tester. Then I can host lots of ice cream parties at the pet stores and I can help my friends find homes at the same time. It's even better than Santa Claus, cause you get to have Blue Bell Ice Cream EVERYDAY, and not just on Christmas. Now everybody can't get a copy of The Scoop cause it's got some secrets some folks ain't spose to know. So I'm attaching a picture of my Blue Bell story so's you could see it for yourself. And well, we couldn't be sharing our trade secrets cause we only want Blue Bell to make doggie ice cream. It's the best.

Now, dear readers, you can help too. Now I done give Mr. Howard Kruse four new flavors of dog ice cream - Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone, Pawlicious Peanut Butter, Country Canine Carob and Rottweiler Rocky Road. Only problem is there are seven days in a week, so seems to me iffen we have seven flavors, well we could have a most delicious Blue Bell flavor everyday of the week. So I'm gonna ask your help. I want you to write to me and recommend your most favorite flavor for dogs. Afterall if you humans get yourselves some special flavors sometimes, well I reckon dogs can have special flavors too. Now you got to be sure it's something dogs can eat cause we sure don't want no dogs to eat something that's bad for em. No sirree, cause Blue Bell makes only the bestest of the best, so you got to have yourselves a really good flavor. Now you see, we don't want something like chunky monkey cause we all know dogs don't eat monkeys, and who knows what part of the monkey is in the ice cream anyway. YUCK! And we don't want no moose tracks cause don't nobody want to eat ice cream a moose has done walked through, not even humans. YUCK! No, we might want some new flavors like Poodle Parfait, Akita Chiquita, Beagle Brickle, Decadent Dalmation, or maybe some Not So Chocolate Lab, Over The Border Collie, or Neopolitan Mastiff. So put your thinking caps on and send me your favorite canine ice cream flavors.

You see then I'm gonna tell Mr. Howard Kruse we got to have ourselves a contest to find the most and best special doggie ice cream treats. And maybe iffen you win the contest, well you can get your dog's picture in The Scoop. Now you see, you can't be doing this hoping you could win money and prizes. Cause you see, we got a gazillion dogs that ain't got no homes. So as long as you're spending your money to help Mr. Kruse make Blue Bell for dogs, well you see, all the left over money is gonna help my friends get homes by helping Best Friends Animal Sanctuary take care of my friends until my friends do find homes. See you got to practice what's called random acts of kindness. And see, just by buying Blue Bell ice cream for dogs, well you're keeping folks in a job and creating new jobs too. You're spending money on most delicious good and nutritious ice cream, and you're giving money to charity at the same time. So you're helping and you don't even know it and you ain't spending no extra money, cept what you already gonna spend on the most delicious Blue Bell. Best of all my homeless friends is not only gonna get forever homes cause you bought Blue Bell Ice Cream for dogs, their families are gonna be buying them Blue Bell too. You see that way nobody gets left behind.

And now dear reader friends, I got to get busy. You see I got to write a jingle for the new Blue Bell ice cream for dogs. It's just gonna be so dog gone good.

Have a Blue Bell Day, Love Miss Roxie

A Blue Bell Canine-Alyst Goes To Hollywood

Hello to my dear reader friends,

Today I'm gonna tell you a story about Mr. Webster. Now if you ever needed a dictionary you already know who Mr. Webster is, cause he wrote the dictionary. Now everybody's got to have a dictionary, even writing dogs like me. Now my Mom got her dictionary out last week and she told me I'm not just a writing dog, I'm what you call a catalyst. Now Mom says I'm a catalyst cause I been giving Mr. Howard Kruse lots a good ideas bout making some Blue Bell doggie ice cream with my picture on the carton. And that's what catalysts do. They help other people think. Well I don't reckon Mr. Kruse needs no help thinking, since he's a right smart man and makes the best ice cream there is, but sometimes two brains get a better idea than one brain, so I don't mind sharing my thinking brain with Mr. Kruse.

And that's where Mr. Webster comes in. Now you see I can't really be a catalyst. I can't be a "cat" anything. Nope I'm a dog and dogs can't be cats. Now I reckon when Mr. Webster wrote that there dictionary he didn't know no thinking dogs like me. Cause if he did, he would a got the right word. You see I'm really a canine-alyst. Yes sirree, I am Miss Roxie Rottweiler, writing dog, thinking dog and canine-alyst. Now I reckon Mr. Howard Kruse's got to have himself a canine-alyst to make us some Blue Bell doggie ice cream, cause as smart as Mr. Kruse is, I don't much reckon he thinks like a dog. Now I heard humans say lots of times they work like a dog, but you see that's a lot different than thinking like a dog. We don't think like humans, and mostly we think humans need to listen to what we got to say.

Now if Mr. Webster had had himself a thinking dog, he wouldn't a needed to write no dictionary, cause humans wouldn't be needing a dictionary. See dogs know how to say everything with one word - bark. And when we don't bark, we just wag our tails. Now ain't that a whole lot simpler than using a thousand words to say I want some Blue Bell doggie ice cream. Course I still have to use all these words cause most humans don't know how to speak bark or tail wagging. It's pretty simple really and I could teach ya. Cause I'm a canine-alyst and well I can teach you lots of stuff.

Now you see, Mr. Howard Kruse really is gonna make some most delicious Blue Bell Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone ice cream, some Blue Bell Pawlicious Peanut Butter ice cream, some Blue Bell Country Canine Cabob ice cream, and some Blue Bell Rottweiler Rocky Road ice cream, and it's gonna be the best and most delicious ice cream, even better than human ice cream, cause it's gonna have doggie vitamins. Even if it ain't in stores yet, he is gonna make it. Cause Mom told me when you have dreams, if you believe in them, they always come true. She says you can't just believe your dreams are gonna come true, you got to live like they already did, and that's how I know Mr. Kruse's gonna make us some most delicious Blue Bell doggie ice cream.

I got it all figured out - I do. You see when you start seeing the most delicious Blue Bell doggie ice cream in the stores, then you'll know my dream come true. Then we got to have Hollywood make a movie bout Mr. Howard Kruse, CEO at the Blue Bell plant and how he come to make doggie ice cream. You know why we got to have a movie. I'm gonna tell you why. You see right now being what you call a CEO is a real bad word. I don't reckon Mr. Webster knew about the word CEO either. Well, you see, being a CEO is what caused lots of people to lose their jobs and they ain't got no money. And, you see, some of them humans that lost their jobs had to give up their dogs cause they didn't have no money to take care of em no more. Only Mr. Howard Kruse is a good CEO. And that's why we're gonna put Mr. Howard Kruse and the Blue Bell plant in the movies. You see when Hollywood makes a movie about you the give you royal money. Now I reckon as important as Mr. Howard Kruse is, that makes him royal, and Hollywood can pay him lots and lots of royal money. And you can bet you humans sure would like to hear a story about a good CEO, and well, that's why everybody wants to see a movie about Mr. Howard Kruse, the good CEO.

Now when Mr. Howard Kruse and them nice workers at Blue Bell get themselves some royal money from being in the movies, well Mr. Howard Kruse can take that royal money and he can build new plants where people can't get Blue Bell ice cream, and he can make even more delicious doggie ice cream, and best of all, he can give people jobs that ain't got no jobs. And that's why Mr. Howard Kruse is a good CEO. He knows how to help people get jobs and he makes the best ice cream in the world, and best of all, Mr. Howard Kruse is gonna make me some most delicious Rottweiler Rocky Road ice cream with my picture on the carton.

Now Mr. Howard Kruse's good deeds don't just stop there, nope, he's gonna do even more good deeds. You see after he starts selling the most delicious Blue Bell doggie ice cream, well he's gonna get to know Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Now you see Best Friends is just about the biggest place in America to help homeless dogs, and they don't never kill no dogs like the dog pound. Nope, they give dogs forever homes, no matter how many troubles they got. And when all you nice folks buy your dogs the most delicious Blue Bell doggie ice cream, well Mr. Howard Kruse is gonna give one nickel to Best Friends for every one dollar he makes, and help all my homeless friends. Now ain't that a pretty good idea for a canine-alyst. You see Mr. Howard Kruse gets to spread Blue Bell ice cream around the world, he makes new jobs for people who need to work, and he shares his blessings with my friends who need homes, and everybody wins. And we all get to taste the joy of the most delicious Blue Bell ice cream anytime we want. Now what could be better than that. Best of all, Best Friends is gonna help Mr. Howard Kruse sell his doggie ice cream, and all my homeless friends get to the know the joy of a nice cold bowl of Blue Bell ice cream.

Now my dear reader friends, you got to do your part too. You got to tell Mr. Howard Kruse you need some most delicious Blue Bell doggie ice, cause it's gonna make new jobs for folks that need money, and it's gonna help save my homeless friends. Now don't you just want to sit yourself down with your best friend dog and eat some most delicious Blue Bell ice cream and know you're helping humans and my homeless friends with every tasty spoonful.

And that's what you call a canine-alyst.

Have A Blue Bell Day, Love Miss Roxie Rottweiler

New Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavors For Dogs

Hello to my dear reader friends:

I want to welcome my new twitter friends and I want to welcome all those nice folks at Blue Bell. I also want to welcome my new rottweiler buddies who know that rottweilers ROCK!

I have some news to share with you. After I had my picture made with Mr. Nick and the Blue Bell Ice Cream truck, I received a call from Miss Kelli. Now Miss Kelli is another one of those nice folks at the Blue Bell plant. Miss Kelli told me Blue Bell publishes a newspaper for their employees called The Scoop. Now that's a right smart name for an ice cream paper don't you think. Miss Kelli wanted to know if I might like to be in their paper. Don't you know that was a nice surprise that Blue Bell wants to write about me instead a me doing the writing. Course I would love to be in The Scoop, cause everybody knows I want Mr. Howard Kruse to make me some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Ice Cream for dogs and put my picture on the carton. Miss Kelli said she gets lots and lots a pictures of dogs eating Blue Bell, and I reckon it's time to stop sending pictures and start sending letters to Blue Bell to make some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Ice Cream.

Now Mom says I'm being too big for my britches to want my picture on all the Blue Bell Ice Cream cartons, cause lots a dogs might like to have their picture on a carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Well I don't want to be a selfish little girl, and now I got it all figured out. You see, Mr. Howard Kruse should make some Rottweiler Rocky Road Ice Cream. Then I could have my picture on Rottweiler Rocky Road, and I could share all the other delicious Blue Bell flavors with other dogs who want their picture on the carton.

I been doing some homework too. Now for Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone, well you got to put some tasty little dog bones in the vanilla ice cream. Now I was thinking if I made some dog bones that was not only tasty, but had some good doggie vitamins in them, well then dogs could eat lots more Blue Bell to get all their vitamins. Now moms would just love having a dessert with vitamins. Next thing you know moms will be wanting some ice cream for humans with vitamins too. Cause lots a kids don't like eating broccoli and stuff. But just about all kids love ice cream. It's a happy food.

Now we got to have ourselves some Pawlicious Peanut Butter ice cream too. Now Pawlicious Peanut Butter is good for getting a dose a medicine. I don't like taking medicine and I learned how to hide it under my tongue and spit it out when Mom's not looking. She tried hiding my medicine in the Blue Bell, but I was too smart for that. I just let the ice cream melt a little so them big medicine pills would stick to the bottom of the bowl and I wouldn't have to take no medicine. But if you have some Pawlicious Peanut Butter ice cream, well you hide the medicine in the gooey peanut butter part and it don't melt and you can't pick it out so moms can sneak the medicine right passed you and heck, you don't even have to taste it cause you just taste the peanut butter covered with Blue Bell ice cream. So we got to have some Pawlicious Peanut Butter so moms can hide our medicine in it.

Then we got to have ourselves some Country Canine Carob ice cream. Now just about everybody loves chocolate, only dogs can't eat chocolate cause it makes us really sick So for all my chocolate loving dog friends, we'll have ourselves some Country Canine Carob ice cream so's we can have chocolate too. Now it would just be even better than carob cookie treats cause it would be floating in the most delicious Dog Gone Good Vanilla. Now ain't that a most exciting flavor.

Best of all, we're gonna have ourselves some Rottweiler Rocky Road Ice Cream. Now Rottweiler Rocky Road has to be the most special flavor of all with my picture on the carton. Now for Rottweiler Rocky Road, we shall put some swirls of peanut butter, some carob chips, some small chunks of bananas, and then we should add some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bones with lots of delicious vitamins. Now that would be just about the best doggie ice cream on the planet.
Now I reckon four flavors is a pretty good place to start, but I'll be studying about some more new flavors so's Mr. Kruse won't have to do all the work. And I'm gonna be a Blue Bell taste tester too cause mostly we don't want humans to be eatin our ice cream. Nope, you got your own.

Now Mr. Kruse couldn't be making all these most delicious doggie flavors lessen he knows humans is gonna buy it for their best friends. So, dear readers, if you want all this most delicious ice cream, well you got to be calling the Blue Bell plant and telling em you want some doggie ice cream. Now if you got yourself 42 cents and you want to write a letter to Blue Bell, their address is 1101 S. Blue Bell Road, Brenham, Texas 77833. Now if you want to call Blue Bell, you can find these nice folks at 979-836-7977. Yep, just tell Mr. Howard Kruse or Miss Kelli that Miss Roxie sent you cause you need yourself some most delicious doggie ice cream for your best friends. And well I reckon you could ask to have your doggie's picture on a carton if you want to. Long as it's not Rottweiler Rocky Road, I don't mind sharing.

But don't just call or write. You need to go to and sign yourself up to be a Blue Bell Buddy. It's free to sign up, and when you do, why you can print yourself a coupon to get one dollar off a carton of Blue Bell. Now iffen you want to really help get some doggie ice cream, well you take that dollar coupon and go get yourself some most delicious Blue Bell. Well, since you saved yourself a dollar, now you take yourself twenty five cents and mail it to Mr. Howard Kruse, and tell him to take that quarter and invest it in making doggie ice cream. See, that way you still save seventy five cents and you're giving back to help America. Cause don't you know when Mr. Howard Kruse starts making that doggie ice cream, he's got to hire some more workers, so you would be helping America get back to work. Now ain't that a pretty good idea. You save money and help get peoples jobs. Best of all, you got yourself some most delicious Blue Bell ice cream and you didn't even have to pay full price. Everybody wins and I'm gonna get my Rottweiler Rocky Road with my picture on the carton.

Have A Blue Bell Day, Love Miss Roxie Rottweiler

Miss Roxie Meets Blue Bell

Hello to my dear reader friends.

You know I told you I was sick last week and Mom wanted me to get all better so she gave me a most special surprise. And what do you spose it was? Why she took me to the Blue Bell Ice Cream truck and I got to get my picture made with Mr. Nick and the Blue Bell truck. Now don't you know that just made me feel better right away. Mom told me when she was a little girl ice cream trucks came down her street and rang bells and played music and sold ice cream. Well, I guess since Uncle Sam and them politicians wants to get rich off gasoline, we can't have no more ice cream trucks. But I should think it would be fun to have my own Blue Bell truck and sell ice cream. I don't have no driver's license, but heck, my Mom could drive the truck and I could ring the bell. And lots of children could get to pet me while they eat their ice cream. Now you know I'm a working dog, and I believe that would be the bestest job in the whole world. Now if I can get Mr. Howard Kruse to make me some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Ice Cream, I could even take my ice cream truck to my homeless friends at the shelters, cause I bet they don't get Blue Bell at shelters. Course we would have to have my picture on the truck eating my Blue Bell so humans could figure out they need to share it with their dogs. I guess me and Mr. Kruse need to get to know each other so I can make him lots of money, dogs can have Blue Bell and I can have my own ice cream truck, ring the bell and get petted. Now that's just about the perfect job for me. I'm gonna be a Blue Bell Ambassador, yes sirree.

Last week I wrote to Miss Jade at Zug cause I wanted to be a writer at Zug too. And do you know what. Miss Jade wrote me back and said I couldn't write for Zug cause I wasn't real. Imagine that. She said dogs can't really write and her readers wouldn't believe I was a writing dog. Now that's just about the silliest thing I ever did hear. Heck, if humans believe politicians will help them enough to vote for them, then I guess humans can believe just about anything. And humans believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy and lots of other fun and magical things. Humans believe in Mickey Mouse too, and he's a talking rat. Now I reckon if there's a such thing as a talking rat who has his own amusement park, then I reckon there can be a writing dog. And Mickey Mouse is just a cartoon anyway, and I'm a real live dog. Why I even got medical records, so I reckon that makes me real. I think Miss Jade needs a nice big bowl of Blue Bell, cause seems to me she's lead a deprived life and missed the joy of believing in magic.

And you just wait. One day I really am gonna get my picture on a carton of Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Blue Bell ice cream and then everybody will know I'm real. Mom's always told me if you have dreams and if you believe in them and if you work real hard, they really do come true. Well I got lots of dreams and I'm a pretty good worker. So don't ever give up on your dreams and don't let nobody tell you they can't come true. So dear readers, just sit down with your favorite dog, share a nice cold bowl of Blue Bell while you ponder all the dreams you have for yourself. Then get to work.

Have a Blue Bell Day, Love THE REAL Miss Roxie Rottweiler