Friday, June 26, 2009

I Want Blue Bell Ice Cream For Dogs

Hello to all my dear reader friends.

I have the most exciting news to share with you today. Now if you been reading my stories, you know there's nothing I like better than having myself a big ole bowl of Blue Bell ice cream. And you know I been trying to tell Blue Bell we need some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone ice cream with my picture on the carton, so you humans won't eat all the ice cream and leave some for us dogs.

Well today my mama went to the Foodland Grocery Store cause they was having a big sale on Blue Bell ice cream. Now it's just about 80 degrees here today and that means summer is on the way and so is all them pesky ticks and fleas. And there's nothing better on a hot summer day than a nice cold bowl of Blue Bell ice cream. Even better it's sticky enough to keep them pesky fleas and ticks off my beautiful fur coat.

Now Foodland ain't a very dog friendly place and they don't let dogs like me come in for our Blue Bell. So we got to get ourselves some Blue Bell ice cream in the pet stores. So when Mama was at the Foodland she saw Mr. Bobby. Now Mr. Bobby's got just about the best job in the whole world. Mr. Bobby sells Blue Bell ice cream. He asked my Mama if he could help her. Well Mama just couldn't wait to tell Mr. Bobby she needed his help.

She told Mr. Bobby I'm a writer and a big Blue Bell fan, and how I want some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone ice cream for dogs with my picture on the carton. Mama said Mr. Bobby didn't believe dogs can write stories so my mama gave Mr. Bobby my website address and my email address. He said he was gonna read my stories and tell them Blue Bell workers in Texas I have a pretty good idea. Mr. Bobby even said there's nothing his dog likes better than a big ole bowl of Blue Bell too. So you see, even Mr. Bobby knows dogs love Blue Bell ice cream. I'm guessing we need to wake Mr. Kruse up and tell him he's missing out on lots of business.

Mama tells me all the time if you have a dream and you want it to come true you got to work mighty hard to get it. Mama also says we're suppose to help out others by volunteering. Well I'm already a working dog and I'm gonna take my Mama's advice. I'm gonna volunteer to be the Blue Bell taste tester for the perfect dog ice cream.

Don't tell Blue Bell, but I would have to be a volunteer even if I am a working dog. Mama said if you get paid to work somebody named Uncle Sam makes you have a social curity card and this Uncle Sam don't let dogs have no social curity cards. Now I figure I seen so many unhappy humans, I don't think that social curity card is doing much to cure nothing social. Anyways, I don't have an Uncle Sam and I sure don't need myself no social curity card. I got a busy social life and tons of friends. So I don't need somebody else's uncle telling me I got to have myself a card saying I'm socially cured. She said that's because Uncle Sam wants everybody's money and he charges humans taxes to work. So me and this not my uncle Sam, got a deal. Uncle Sam won't give me a social curity card and I won't pay him no taxes.

So if you're reading this, Mr. Howard Blue Bell Kruse, I'm gonna volunteer to be your new ice cream taste tester and you don't have to pay me no money to do my job. We might want more flavors than Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone. We might want some Better Than Bacon Butter Brittle ice cream. Or we might try some Puppy Peanut Butter Delight. My cousin Prada's favorite flavor is chocolate, only everybody knows dogs ain't really spose to eat chocolate. But we could have ourselves some Creamy Canine Carob ice cream. I can see being a volunteer ice cream taste tester is gonna be lots of fun. Think of all them flavors I could make for dogs.

Now the way I figure it, if Mr. Kruse is the big dog at Blue Bell and if he wants to be a rich dog too, then he ought to be paying attention to the real working dogs like me.

Now if you'll excuse me, my Blue Bell is waiting and I best start eating before it starts melting.

Till next time, have a Blue Bell day. Love Miss Roxie

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