Friday, June 26, 2009

Miss Roxie Meets Blue Bell

Hello to my dear reader friends.

You know I told you I was sick last week and Mom wanted me to get all better so she gave me a most special surprise. And what do you spose it was? Why she took me to the Blue Bell Ice Cream truck and I got to get my picture made with Mr. Nick and the Blue Bell truck. Now don't you know that just made me feel better right away. Mom told me when she was a little girl ice cream trucks came down her street and rang bells and played music and sold ice cream. Well, I guess since Uncle Sam and them politicians wants to get rich off gasoline, we can't have no more ice cream trucks. But I should think it would be fun to have my own Blue Bell truck and sell ice cream. I don't have no driver's license, but heck, my Mom could drive the truck and I could ring the bell. And lots of children could get to pet me while they eat their ice cream. Now you know I'm a working dog, and I believe that would be the bestest job in the whole world. Now if I can get Mr. Howard Kruse to make me some Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Ice Cream, I could even take my ice cream truck to my homeless friends at the shelters, cause I bet they don't get Blue Bell at shelters. Course we would have to have my picture on the truck eating my Blue Bell so humans could figure out they need to share it with their dogs. I guess me and Mr. Kruse need to get to know each other so I can make him lots of money, dogs can have Blue Bell and I can have my own ice cream truck, ring the bell and get petted. Now that's just about the perfect job for me. I'm gonna be a Blue Bell Ambassador, yes sirree.

Last week I wrote to Miss Jade at Zug cause I wanted to be a writer at Zug too. And do you know what. Miss Jade wrote me back and said I couldn't write for Zug cause I wasn't real. Imagine that. She said dogs can't really write and her readers wouldn't believe I was a writing dog. Now that's just about the silliest thing I ever did hear. Heck, if humans believe politicians will help them enough to vote for them, then I guess humans can believe just about anything. And humans believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy and lots of other fun and magical things. Humans believe in Mickey Mouse too, and he's a talking rat. Now I reckon if there's a such thing as a talking rat who has his own amusement park, then I reckon there can be a writing dog. And Mickey Mouse is just a cartoon anyway, and I'm a real live dog. Why I even got medical records, so I reckon that makes me real. I think Miss Jade needs a nice big bowl of Blue Bell, cause seems to me she's lead a deprived life and missed the joy of believing in magic.

And you just wait. One day I really am gonna get my picture on a carton of Dog Gone Good Vanilla Bone Blue Bell ice cream and then everybody will know I'm real. Mom's always told me if you have dreams and if you believe in them and if you work real hard, they really do come true. Well I got lots of dreams and I'm a pretty good worker. So don't ever give up on your dreams and don't let nobody tell you they can't come true. So dear readers, just sit down with your favorite dog, share a nice cold bowl of Blue Bell while you ponder all the dreams you have for yourself. Then get to work.

Have a Blue Bell Day, Love THE REAL Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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