Friday, June 26, 2009

My name is Roxie and I am 12 years old. Next to my Mom's rosemary chicken and Blue Bell ice cream, there is nothing I enjoy more than writing. I have written lots of stories for children.

Miss Roxie's Sunday

Today is Sunday, but my Mom couldn't go to church today. My granddaddy got sick, so Mom said she was going to stay home and take care of granddaddy. I told Mom I could watch granddaddy so she could go to church. But Mom said she better stay home, cause if granddaddy needs a doctor my paws are too big to dial the telephone. I'm always glad when my Mom stays home so its good to have big paws.

I asked Mom why she has never taken me to church. I don't think there is a doggie church, at least not where I live. Do you have a doggie church where you live?

Mom told me there are no doggie churches because we are already angels. She said God sent us straight down from Heaven and we already know our purpose. She said we're here so we can show you humans how to love each other. She said only dogs know how to give unconditional love and people need to learn that. I'm not for sure what unconditional means. Maybe you humans can tell me what kind of conditions you have to have to love somebody. It sounds kinda complicated to me, when it's just a whole lot easier to love everybody.

If you don't go to church, just get yourself a dog like me. Then you'll always have one of God's angels with you. We can sure teach you about loving. And Mom says that's what God wants anyway.

I asked Mom if I'm an angel then how come I don't have wings. She said God needed us to stick pretty close to our families and watch over them so we don't need wings till we get back to Heaven. She told me even if I was an angel without wings, I can still pray.
So God this is for you.

Dear God, please make granddaddy well cause I need his help chasing them critters out of his vegetable garden. Thank you for my Mom. God bless all those angel dogs, whose families don't know they really are angels. And, God, when I get back to Heaven, could I have pink wings. It's my favorite color. Oh, and one more thing God. If there's no rosemary chicken and Blue Bell ice cream in Heaven, I'm in no hurry to come back to Heaven.

Miss Roxie Rottweiler

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